Kit 1: Sun-Earth-Moon Connections Check Availability

The Sun-Earth-Moon Connections Kit focuses on activities and experiences that better help patrons understand their place in space, and how the Sun and Moon impact our planet.

Modeling both lunar and solar eclipses with easy to use tools, detecting ultraviolet light in a creative way, using sorting cards to explore concepts relating to size, distance, and temperature, and an experiential activity that allows for a greater understanding of the vast scale of our Solar System.

Library patrons interacting with this kit will increase their understanding of the following three key concepts:

• Models help us understand scale and concepts pertaining to our vast universe

• The Sun and Moon effect Earth in different ways.

• Scientific tools enable us to make more insightful observations

Activities for this kit:

Modeling Meaningful Eclipses

UV Kid!

Sorting Games: How Big? How Far? How Hot?

Jump to Jupiter

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